Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Trump’s AI Claims by Using AI to Turn Him Into ‘the God of Diarrhea’ | Video

On Thursday, Jimmy Kimmel was heavily amused by Donald Trump’s claim that negative footage of him was actually created using so-called “AI” software. Obviously, Kimmel pointed out how the stuff Trump claims was created by AI was all widely documented. But it did inspire him to use AI against Trump for some very disturbing reimaginings of Trump. Including as “the God of Diarrhea.” Ew.

Kimmel got to this point after a segment in his monologue talking about the latest from the ongoing trial over Trump’s attempts to illegally retain classified documents. “Maybe Trump will just claim it was AI that took the documents,” he joked.

“That’s his new thing. Trump said when the House Democrats showed clips of him appearing to be even more out of it than Biden, it was the work of AI,” Kimmel continued. “I was wondering when he would start using that excuse! Took longer than I thought it would.”

“Like, that wasn’t me on top of Stormy Daniels, it was AI,” Kimmel quipped. “And I think it’s going, I think it’s going to stick. Every mistake now, he’ll claim was AI. Eric. Don Jr.”

Kimmel mocked how Trump claimed, “Artificial Intelligence was used by them against me in their videos of me. Can’t do that Joe.”

Which, the idea that Joe Biden did that,” Kimmel said, “I mean, Joe Biden can’t unlock his phone without accidentally taking three pictures… let’s be honest.”

Which brought Kimmel to his own AI joke. “Joe Biden, don’t worry about Joe Biden using AI.Worry about us using AI. Because we will not use it subtly. We will use it to make you look like a chubby German boy eating pudding by himself.”

“Or,” Kimmel went on, “a Human Chicken McNugget. Or the God of Diarrhea.”

Kimmel said these images are now available via his online shop, but sadly as of this writing they aren’t. Watch the full monologue at the top of the page now.

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