Jimmy Fallon Predicts Trump Will ‘Commit at Least 90 More Felonies’ Since He’s Beating Biden in the Polls (Video)

“Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon read early polling stats that pointed to Donald Trump beating President Joe Biden in swing or battleground states, and he predicted that Trump will keep doing what he’s doing to ensure this trending success before the 2024 presidential election.

“New polling shows that Trump leads Biden in nearly every key battleground state. It’s not a good sign when Biden’s adviser’s like, ‘Good news, sir, though you’re leading in Guam,’” Fallon said. “Since whatever he’s doing is working, Trump plans to commit at least 90 more felonies.”

Trump took 15% of the mock pie chart with Biden taking 10%. Ron DeSantis took 1% and the remaining 74% were quoted as saying “No, we’re absolutely not doing this. Absolutely not. The election is 364 days away. So take your little poll and lose my number.”

Fallon then added some “Golden Bachelor” reactions into the mix.

“I don’t have the mental energy for this. Honestly, I’m just trying to make it to Thursday’s ‘Golden Bachelor.’ I’m not deciding between Trump and Biden before Gary decides between Theresa and Faith,” one user said. “They both have such a zest for life. I don’t know what Gary’s gonna do. All I know is that he’s proven that love doesn’t have an expiration date, which is a nice way of saying you can still get freaky deaky in your 70s.”

Fallon also addressed Trump’s testimony in his New York civil fraud trial, in which “he blew up on the witness stand arguing with the judge and attacking the New York attorney general.”

“Trump spent the entire day in court arguing and calling people names, so it’s basically just another Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. For him,” Fallon added. “Trump refused to cooperate, and at one point the judge told them to please answer ‘Yes or no.’ ‘And Trump went ‘yes or no.’ It was nuts. Trump was yelling, the judge was annoyed and the lawyers were trying to keep pace. The courtroom basically turned into everyone’s Thanksgiving”

Watch the full Fallon segment at the top of this post.

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