Jiang Xin worries about comparison with Ruby Lin

6 Dec – Chinese actress Jiang Xin admitted that she is nervous about viewers' reception of her performance in the upcoming drama based on Eileen Chang's novel, "Half a Lifelong Romance".

As reported on Epoch Times, the actress who will play the role of the agonised Gu Manzhen, shared that she is scared thinking about how she would be compared to Ruby Lin, who was praised for her performance for that very role in the 2003 adaptation of the said novel.

"This time around, we're making some adjustments to the story, and we're reinterpreting it from our own point of view. I can only say that I will try to perform my own interpretation of Gu Manzhen," she said.

Jiang also admitted that she is more interested in the character of the twisted sister, Gu Manlu, previously played by Jiang Qinqin and will now be performed by Hong Kong actress Carina Lau.

"I just think that there is no breakthrough with Gu Manzhen. Her character does not attract me at all. But everyone should bring their best to the table," she added.

"Half a Lifelong Romance" revolves around Gu Manzhen and Gu Manlu - two sisters from a struggling family, one who seems to walk down the path of success in life and career, and another who sacrifices her own future for the sake of her family.

(Photo source: Epoch Times)