Jiang Jinfu's girlfriend dismisses his response to her abuse claims

29 Nov – Following Jiang's denial of committing domestic abuse against his girlfriend Julieta, the latter responded to the media's enquiry by dismissing his statement as untrue.

As reported on TVBS News, Julieta recently answered a reporter from Sina on social media and alleged that the response given by Jiang was written by his lawyer, and that she didn't lie in her previous claims.

She then posted two more Instagram Stories, one showing the injuries she allegedly suffered from Jiang's abuse while she was locked up at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Changsha.

She claimed that she was able to send the photo to her friend through her damaged laptop.

Julieta also stressed that she doesn't benefit from her allegations and that she shared her story without even selling it to the media.

"I just don't want this to happen to another woman," she said.

Julieta also stressed that she would not let the incident ruin her impression of the Chinese people, and said that she already treats China as her second home.

Julieta made allegations of domestic abuse against Jiang earlier this week, saying that the Chinese actor was controlling her and physically hurting her throughout their relationship. Jiang was previously arrested in Japan for similar abuse allegations made by girlfriend Haruka Nakaura last year that he had since admitted.

(Photo Source: Julieta Instagram)