Jiang Jinfu filing lawsuit against ex-girlfriend for abuse allegations

6 Jan – Chinese actor Jiang Jinfu recently announced that he is taking legal action against his Uruguayan ex-girlfriend, Julieta Benavides Techiera, for accusing him of domestic abuse.

As reported on Apple Daily, a lawyer representing Jiang released a statement on Weibo, which read, "Given the untrue remarks made by Ms. Julieta on the Internet in late November 2019 towards Jiang Jinfu and his family, and caused great harm to his work; after being entrusted by Mr. Jiang Jinfu, we have filed a lawsuit on his behalf to the People's Court of Tianxin District of Changsha City after completing the evidence collection of the relevant infringement speech."

The statement also added that the court has already accepted it and that with the case ongoing, Jiang will no longer respond to all the allegations made by Julieta and various other rumours and malicious attacks on the internet.

"At the same time, we hope that related platforms will stop disseminating, spreading, reprinting, commenting false information, and to delete corresponding infringing information, so as to avoid consequences," it added, stressing that the firm will not hesitate to take legal action against those who continue to spread false news.

Back in November, Jiang's foreign girlfriend Julieta accused him of abusing her, controlling her whereabouts, and even threatening her parents. She also shared several photos that she claimed to be evidence of his abusive nature, and assured that she has already escaped him at the end of August and is now doing well.

The allegations affected Jiang severely, especially since he already had a similar case in 2018 with Japanese girlfriend Haruka Nakaura - which he admitted to and was penalised for.

(Photo Source: Sina)