Jiang Jinfu accused of domestic abuse again

29 Nov – Chinese actor Jiang Jinfu is plagued with allegations of domestic abuse yet again.

As reported on On CC, the actor, who has been dating a woman named Julieta this year, was recently accused by the latter of controlling and assaulting her.

In a series of Instagram Stories, Julieta alleged that living with Jiang was like being in prison, as the actor would not allow her to see her friends, and that she had to explain to him in detail why she needs to go out more than 30 minutes.

She also shared photos of her cut up credit cards and destroyed laptop, saying that Jiang did it, adding that he even made her use up all her money.

Julieta claimed that the actor wanted to impregnate her, but at the same time, would abuse her and caused bruises on her arms and legs. However, she stressed that he never hit her face as he didn't want to alarm the media.

However, she assured that she has left Jiang in August and is now safe.

In response to the allegations, Jiang posted a long statement on Weibo, saying that he has never done such a thing to Julieta, and would have admitted to such if he really did.

"In regard to the past and current affairs, I don't want to explain it anymore. It's very hard. I just hope that everybody would not harass my family and friends. Thank you," he said.

It is noted that Jiang made headlines last year of assaulting his Japanese girlfriend Haruka Nakura, and was detained for a month by the Japanese authorities. The actor did admit to his wrongdoing and expressed his apology to his girlfriend.

(Photo Source: On CC)