Jia Nailiang: There is nothing in the city that I miss!

12 Mar – Despite rumours of reconciliation between celebrity couple Jia Nailiang and Li Xiaolu, a recent interview with the actor seemed to hint a more complicated relationship between the two.

As reported on On CC, the actor recently participated in a mainland reality show, in which he had to stay in a remote place and hand over all types of communication with the outside world.

When asked what he missed most about the city, Jia quickly mentioned daughter Jelena, saying that he missed her very much.

However, he then added, "Actually, there isn't many in the city that are worthy enough for me to be missing them."

While Jia didn't elaborate on his words, many speculated that the actor is hinting that wife Li Xiaolu is not important enough for him to be missed.

The marital woes between Jia and Li sparked late last year, when the latter was reported to have been having an affair with rapper PG One. When the news broke, Jia surprised many by apologising to his wife for not being a good enough husband instead of chastising her about the affair – one which she had notably denied.

(Photo Source: On cc)