Jessy Mendiola wants to accomplish more before marriage

6 Dec – Although Luis Manzano previously admitted his plans to get married, actress-girlfriend Jessy Mendiola recently shared that she wants more time before settling down.

As reported on Push, the actress, who spoke about her relationship with Manzano recently, shared that she is unsure about getting married anytime soon, since there is a lot of things she hopes to accomplish.

"Marriage is not something you do out of whim, or unexpectedly. I think I need to think about it a lot and not just rush into it," she said.

When talking about accomplishment, Mendiola said that she doesn't only mean it in a sense of her career, but in her life as well.

Nonetheless, Mendiola assured that she sees Manzano as a husband material.

"He is also a father material for kids," she said, adding that she feels lucky to have him in her life.

(Photo source: Jessy Mendiola Instagram)