Jessy Mendiola admits she almost quit showbiz

6 Dec – Jessy Mendiola recently admitted that there was a time in her career that she thought about quitting showbiz for good.

As reported on Rappler, the actress, who is currently promoting her new Metro Manila Film Festival movie, "The Girl in the Orange Dress", shared that she was deeply affected by the criticisms that came her way since 2015, first by the plane incident with Enrique Gil, her breakup with JM de Guzman, followed by accusations that she was the third party in boyfriend Luis Manzano's then-relationship with Angel Locsin.

"Because of all the negativity in your life, you just want to turn your back on everything," she said.

When asked what Manzano said about her original decision to leave, Mendiola said that the Kapamilya host was very supportive of her choices.

"When I told him I wanted to give up, he told me, 'Okay, go back to what you want to do. I'll support you.' It's like that, he's also part of my life decisions," she said.

However, Mendiola decided to stay after receiving the offer to play the titular role of Anna in the said MMFF entry.

"It's been a wonderful experience playing Anna. And she's very close to my heart because she came at the time when I was ready to turn my back on showbiz. So thank you for reviving that passion," she said, adding that it was a blessing from God.

The upcoming movie co-stars Jericho Rosales.

(Photo Source: Jessy Mendiola Instagram)