Jessie James Decker Stuns Fans in a Crop Tank and Boy Shorts in New Videos

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Jessie James Decker Stuns Fans in a Crop Tank and Boy Shorts in New Videos

Jessie James Decker can't be bothered with your housewife drama. Why? "Because mama's here to stay."

If you're totally confused about what we're talking about, look to two of Jessie's latest social media posts where she's teasing a new song called Housewife Drama. In the snippets, we see Jessie dressed in some sultry outfits, like a crop top and boy shorts, bathing suits, and more. In both, she's seen cleaning around the house, tending to her garden and sweeping her front porch as what we assume is a soon-to-be-released song plays in the background.

For the video on Instagram, we hear Jessie sing,"This is my Harper Valley PTA song," which is a nod to Jeannie C. Riley's tune called Harper Valley PTA from the 1960s. Both songs call out how society thinks moms and women should act (no drinking, no smoking, no skin-showing dresses!), and how neither are going to abide by those rules (and how everyone needs to get used to it).

Jessie is no stranger to mom-shaming, so we totally get the inspiration for her song. Lately, it seems like she can't do anything right with people leaving comments about how she looks, acts and parents.

But in true Jessie style, she's giving it to all the haters and looking absolutely stunning as usual, and it seems like her real fans can't get enough. "THE MUSIC YES AND YOU," one person wrote on TikTok. "This song!!!!! We are ready for it," said someone else on Instagram. And there were plenty of fire emojis to go around, too.

We're not sure when the new single will drop, but we sure can't wait.

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