Jessica Kan pays no heed to plastic surgery rumours

22 Jul – After having to deny plastic surgery rumours time and time again, Jessica Kan recently stated that she has decided not to dwell on the issue anymore.

As reported on HK01, the TVB actress, who spoke about the ongoing rumours about her supposedly going under the knife, stated that she has moved on from further explaining and clarifying herself, and decided to take it as a compliment instead.

"Some producers would ask me why I kept looking younger, but they actually didn't see the wrinkles on my face up-close. It's pretty bad," she said.

At the same time, the former member of the girl group Girls' Sample stated that she feels embarrassed to be the only ex-member of the trio that failed to expand her career in mainland China.

"I did try to audition, but the directors said that they needed actors who can speak fluent Mandarin. I can't even speak Cantonese properly. For now, I will focus on the Hong Kong market," said Jessica, who hailed from New York.

(Photo Source: Jessica Kan Instagram)