Jessica Hsuan says Eliza Sam could be the next big star

19 Jan – If there is one actress from the new generation of TVB stars that Jessica Hsuan thinks could be the next big TVB star, it would be the baby-faced Vancouver-born beauty, Eliza Sam.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who sat down for an interview recently, shared that it is important for an actress not to just have a talent, but to appeal to the audience - something that Eliza seemed to have.

"She's very appealing to the audience. I have never heard people saying that they don't like her. I really like watching her on television," she said.

Jessica said that although Eliza started in TVB with a lack of proficiency in Cantonese, the actress has now improved a lot in both her Chinese communication and her acting.

"She is not just memorising dialogues now. She acts with passion. Even her performance has improved," she said.

Another actress who has improved a lot, said Jessica, is her "My Unfair Lady" co-star Natalie Tong.

Jessica, who worked with Natalie in "Just Love" and "Just Love II" before they reunite in "My Unfair Lady", said that Natalie had since become more mature and experienced as a person, which helped a lot in her acting.

(Photo Source: Eliza Sam Instagram)