Jessica Hsuan: There is no full prevention when you're an actor!

28 Feb – Jessica Hsuan admitted that there is nothing else to do but to be cautious of one's actions when it comes to filming a drama during the pandemic.


As reported on Singtao Daily, the actress who was on the streets filming her new series, "Armed Reaction 2020" recently, shared that it's hard to ensure 100 percent safety when it comes to acting, as an actor could not wear a face mask while working or refrain from touching each other.

"The filming location is also quite open, so it's hard to try and prevent anything. The crew is already working hard to find locations where there are no diagnosed cases," she said.

Nonetheless, Jessica said that it is still important for one to try and take care of one's own health and personal hygiene so not to get infected.

"You have to be careful, because as long as something happens to one person, everybody else would get it eventually," she added.

Asked if they would try to find alternative ways to film the more intimate scenes, Jessica said that there is none for her for the time being.

"Even if there are, it would not be filmed for now. Also, you have to refrain from rubbing your eyes and face, but the more I talk about it, the itchier it gets," she said with a laugh.

(Photo Source: Jessica Hsuan Instagram)