Jessica Chastain labelled a 'hypocrite' for hiring a director with an alleged history of domestic violence

Hanna Flint
Jessica Chastain hires a known domestic abuser to direct and write her next film

Jessica Chastain has long been a leading voice in the #MeToo movement and known for calling out harmful men in the film industry.

However, the actress has been accused of hypocrisy for choosing Matthew Newton to direct and write her next film, Eve, because he has a history of domestic abuse.

The Australian director pleaded guilty to physically assaulting the Neighbours actress Brooke Satchwell, his then-girlfriend, in 2007. Three years later, his then-fiancée Rachael Taylor (of Jessica Jones fame) accused him of “two unprovoked assaults,” and he was given a two-year apprehended domestic violence order against him.

He was charged with breaking the order the following year.

Australian actor Matthew Newton pictured in 2017. Source: Getty

Chastain, a vocal advocate in the fight for gender equality, is expected to co-produce the movie directed and written by Newton, through her all-female production company Freckle Films though it is likely this partnership will soon change following online criticism.

“I’m still just so disappointed in Jessica Chastain like she used to my feminist queen and always said the right things and now she’s being such a hypocrite,” one person tweeted. “I seriously don’t know what she’s doing.”

The actress, who is currently filming It: Chapter Two, said in the past that she has always refused to work with people who have a history of abuse or unacceptable behaviour towards women.

“I’ve always made choices, in all the work that I’ve done, to make sure that on any film set that I’m working with people that there isn’t a question about whether or not abuse has taken place,” she told the Feed.

“It’s very important to me that I practice what I preach, and that my actions follow my words.”

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