Jessica Biel surprised Justin Timberlake by wearing his *NSYNC outfit for Halloween

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake

Jessica Biel surprised husband Justin Timberlake when she wore his *NSYNC jumpsuit from 1999 for Halloween.

The SexyBack hitmaker came up with the idea for his actress wife to dress up as him, along with some friends, to recreate the '90s boyband for a party.

However, Jessica remembered that they had the jumpsuit Justin had worn to the 1999 American Music Awards, when he was part of *NSYNC, in storage and she decided to wear that instead to bowl over her husband.

"I surprised Justin because I remembered that we have that exact jumpsuit that he wore in storage," the star told James Corden on The Late Late Show. "So we pulled it out and it was the real one. It's for real. It's the real jumpsuit."

However, disaster almost struck when the busy actress missed her flight home to Los Angeles on the spooky holiday itself and thought she had lost the chance to dress up as her teen idol husband.

"I was working in New York so I literally was flying back on Halloween night. I had missed my flight. The whole crew of all our friends being the (*NSYNC) band members were waiting on me to get there and I was late," Jessica recalled. "So my friends threw my outfit in the car. I went from the airport. I changed in the car."

The mother-of-one donned the metallic blue jumpsuit and completed the look with a blonde permed wig and tinted blue sunglasses, while Justin dressed up as a huge microphone.

"It was the hugest costume," she said of her husband's outfit. "It was so funny. He could barely move all night. It was this huge thing on his head. It was really fun, actually."

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