Jess Sum is back on television with a new show

15 Jan – A year after leaving TVB, Jess Sum recently announced that she is back on television - hosting the new beauty programme on Hong Kong Open TV, "Ng Sing Kap Si Ta".

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who spoke about the new show, dismissed the idea that it is competing with TVB's own "All Things Girl", saying that the show is more diverse and was filmed in multiple locations.

Jess said that she is responsible in the lifestyle department, while co-hosts Elva Ni will be mainly focused on beauty and skincare, as well as fashion and fitness. As for Omi Kwong, the actress will be in charge of testing new products.

Asked if she will continue to shoot dramas in the future, the actress said that she will be doing so while at the same time working on her aforementioned show.

"I still am addicted to filming dramas, so I will not stop. My husband is very supportive of me and never complained whenever I am busy with work," she said.

As for baby plans, Jess said that she will leave it all to fate.

"Friends around me have been teaching me a lot about babies that I feel like I am an expert already! But I think work should be the priority at this stage," she added.

(Photo source: Jess Sum Instagram)