Jerry Tamara settles case against Matteo Guidicelli for P200k

Heidi Hsia

5 Mar – It was reported that Sarah Geronimo's personal bodyguard Jerry Tamara has made a deal with VIVA Entertainment to settle the case between him and the singer's newly-wedded husband, Matteo Guidicelli.

As reported on PEP, Tamara was revealed to have sat down with VIVA's boss Vic del Rosario at his office in Ortigas, Pasig City recently, where he agreed to settle for P200,000 after failing to secure the initial P1.5 million demand from the company.

Tamara reportedly said that the settlement is considered payment for damages as he needed money for a fresh start.

Sources revealed that after denying Tamara P1.5 million, VIVA made a counter-offer of P100,000, but was declined immediately by the said bodyguard, who instead asked for Guidicelli to apologise and meet with him personally at the headquarters of TV5.

They finally came to an agreement when VIVA offered the aforementioned sum, after stating that it would be impossible for Guidicelli to do what was asked as ABS-CBN is considered the singer's home network.

Tamara previously accused Guidicelli of punching him in the neck after accusing him of telling Geronimo's matriarch about their secret wedding on 20 February. The singer has denied this allegation.

(Photo Source: Bandera Inquirer)