Jericho Rosales: Never stop dreaming!

Heidi Hsia

20 May – Jericho Rosales recently took to social media to inspire everybody to continue to work hard and strive to achieve their dreams, which he said seemed to have slowly deteriorated due to the pandemic.

The actor posted a long message on Facebook, saying that he realised a lot of people have stopped dreaming and reaching for their goals because of the negative factors that include poverty, lack of support, and the additional uncertainty one gets from the pandemic.

While he understood this is due to the current situation, he stressed that it is important for one to always maintain a heart full of hope.

Sharing about his life before showbiz, Rosales confessed, "I came from a poor family, went to 6 public schools in elementary and high school. Didn't go to college because I didn't know what a career meant and we simply could not afford it. When I was young, I collected discarded wires and old newspapers to be sold in junk shops in exchange for money and sometimes cheap cheese curls. I collected plastic trash from a dumpsite with my cousin, I sold ice buko (frozen coconut water with milk and sugar), sold fish in the market, became a jeepney "barker", a pizza boy and a driver. Clearly, I did not have the ideal life situation."

However, the actor stated that what got him going was his dream - to get himself and his family out of poverty and to have their own house, adding, "That was my first major dream. I had faith in God and I also had time. So I prayed and prayed and never stopped learning new things. I kept moving. I kept my dream in front of me."

Rosales stressed that self-education, learning skills, surrounding yourself with forward thinking like-minded people and using your challenges as tools for self-improvement and development are keys to opening doors of opportunities.

"I learned to speak English by watching TV and movies. Forcing myself to read and talking to people gave me wonderful ideas and opened my eyes to new possibilities with a clearer vision for my life. What we have in our hands is NOW. It holds a lot of power if you know how to use it. It can change your tomorrows. Shaping it starts the moment you tell yourself "this is my tomorrow". We also have each other."

"They say dreams are only dreams and wishes will remain to be wishes but not until you do something about them. So keep dreaming, keep hoping and keep moving. You are made to be something and a someone for another. I wish all of us a bright future and I'll do my part to make that happen," he added.

(Photo Source: Jericho Rosales Instagram)