Jeremy Strong reveals father saved him from getting hit by a car when he was eight: ‘He broke both his legs’

Jeremy Strong has recalled the harrowing way his father broke both of his legs in an effort to save the actor’s life.

During a recent visit to his Boston hometown for CBS News’s Sunday Morning programme, the Succession star spoke about his father’s sacrifice.

“There was a car coming, like, 40 miles an hour that wasn’t slowing down for the traffic light,” he remembered.

“So, he picked me up and he threw me outta the way. And he got hit by the car, broke all the bones in both of his legs. Saved my life.”

Strong, 44, leads the HBO Max family drama as Kendall Roy, the second oldest of family patriarch Logan Roy (Brian Cox).

While the series is based on the toxic, dysfunctional dynamic between Logan and his four children, Strong isn’t sure how he’s able to tap into such emotion.

“I don’t think I understand how I have access to that relationship,” he said. “There’s not some hidden trauma in my life or my background.”

Jeremy Strong (HBO)
Jeremy Strong (HBO)

The incredible lengths Strong has gone to portray Kendall has been a point of discussion since 2021 when his method acting style was infamously derided in a New Yorker profile.

He later addressed the drama surrounding his acting, calling it “just noise”.

The award-winning series is coming to an end in a few weeks, with a 90-minute movie-like finale airing on Sunday 28 May at 9pm EST on HBO Max in the US and the following day on NOW and Sky Atlantic in the UK.

Find out more about the series finale here. And you can read The Independent’s five-star review of the latest episode here.

Next, Strong will be taking his talents to the Broadway stage in the 2024 production of An Enemy of the People.