Jeremy Strong based Succession rap on Heidi Klum's Instagram post

Jeremy Strong

Succession star Jeremy Strong based his cringeworthy rap from the show on footage of an oil heir's party posted on Instagram by Heidi Klum.

In one scene for the second season, Jeremy's character, media heir Kendall Roy, performs a bizarre rap at an event in Scotland honouring his father, billionaire Logan Roy.

The 40-year-old told The Guardian that he initially thought he wouldn't be able to perform, as Succession creator Jesse Armstrong hadn't given him much more than one lyric to work with.

"We did a table read in Glasgow, where we were shooting, and in the script Jesse (Armstrong) had just written: 'Kendall does a rap.' It was one lyric, and it was very corny, you know, like 'Kick it MC', and I thought: 'Oh God, we can't possibly do this,'" he said.

However, Armstrong then showed him a clip Heidi had posted on social media showing oil heir Mike Hess rapping alongside Nelly at his 30th birthday party.

Speaking of how Mike's rap inspired him, Jeremy added: "He's (Mike) pretty f**king good, and Jesse said: 'That's what I want us to do. It should be earnest, he should be actually committed to it and he should be pretty good.'"

However, that didn't stop him having nerves before shooting, with him explaining, "To be honest, I remember waking up that day and just not knowing what was going to come out of me, and if I'd be able to do it or pull it off."

The actor also revealed that he knew the scene had proved a hit when on Halloween he realised "hundreds" of people were dressing like Kendall did for his rap, wearing baseball jerseys over tuxedos.

"Then, all of a sudden in New York, there were hundreds of people walking around in those jerseys," he marvelled. "That was really wild for me."

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