Jeppe Hein's new 'breath' installation to be unveiled at the United Nations headquarters

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Jeppe Hein's new 'breath' installation to be unveiled at the United Nations headquarters

Rendering of the 'Breathe With Me' project at the United Nations headquarters in New York City

The Danish artist's weeklong project, entitled "Breathe With Me," will be on view during the United Nations Climate Action Summit, from September 21 to 27.

"Breathe With Me" will invite international delegates gathered during the Climate Action Summit to paint their own individual breath. Each exhale will take the form of a blue parallel line painted on the installation's canvas wall.

The artwork, which was described by Hein as "a collective breath for the world," will be on view at the United Nations headquarters from September 21 through 24, before heading to Central Park until September 27.

In the park, the installation will stretch almost 600 ft., with watercolors and brushes being provided to passersby by Hein.

Following the United Nations Climate Action Summit, "Breathe With Me" will travel to various locations across the globe to invite audiences worldwide to participate.

"Guided by the act of breathing, the participation invites audiences to reflect on themselves and the world around them. With all participants' painted 'breaths' gathered together, the artwork visualizes not only our individual awareness of ourselves, but also our communities, societies, and environment," Hein explained in a statement.

The "Breathe With Me" project has been organized with the non-profit art group Art 2030 in collaboration with various international partners, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Global Citizen Festival, and the Consulate General of Denmark in New York.

Jeppe Hein first started to paint his breath almost ten years ago, after experiencing a personal breakdown. Initially, the project took the form of a watercolor diary entitled "Breathing Watercolors."

The artist later began asking visitors of his solo presentations to join in, painting their breath on the exhibitions' wall.

"I try to encourage people to focus on their body and mind at the present moment and to enter into an inner dialogue. By painting their own breath onto a medium, they will not only be able to experience their breath, body and mind in the here and now, but also be part of a collectively experienced moment with their environment," he explained.

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