Jenny and Dave Marrs Just Surprised This Military Family With the Most Incredible Makeover

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The Marrses Surprised a Military FamilyMike Davello

Jenny and Dave Marrs are keen on giving back, and the latest episode of Fixer to Fabulous proves just that. While working on a renovation for a military family, the design duo surprised them with a backyard transformation and placed meaningful design moments throughout the home’s interiors.

The Marrses began working on Philip and Jodi Rule's home in Bentonville, Arkansas, before Philip went overseas. "He's serving our country, so we’ve got to serve him the best that we can," Dave said during the episode.

Since Philip loves to spend time outside and enjoys grilling, Dave and Jenny decided to surprise the family with an updated outdoor space. "Literally, people are coming out of the woodwork to help in any way they can," Dave said of the project. "This backyard is a big deal for this family, especially Philip."

Jenny further explained, "We called in favors, asked around, asked friends in the community, and we were able to get this back deck and a pergola donated for this project."

The donated materials totaled $7,000 for the composite deck and pergola. The deck is low maintenance, so it won't rot and doesn't require upkeep such as pressure washing or staining. Now, the space is bigger and more usable than it was originally, and the pergola provides some shade for a new dining area.

When the Marrses revealed the backyard to Jodi, Jenny said: "Philip is sacrificing a lot being away from his family and serving our country, but so are you, so are the kids. Everyone in your community sees that. That's why everybody stepped up and did whatever they could to make this really special for you guys. So we're just grateful to be a small part of it and make a place that while you wait for him, you guys can feel loved."

The outdoor renovation wasn't the only way the Marrses shared the love with this military family. They teamed up with Philip to create special decor pieces with messages from him so the family can still feel close to him while he's away. For Jodi, who was going to be a Spanish teacher, they created a new cold brew coffee tower made of white oak with the engraving "te amo más que el café," which means “I love you more than coffee” in Spanish. What's even sweeter than that? The phrase is engraved in his handwriting.

For the kids, Philip stuck with Spanish messages. In the boys' room, a wall of basketball hoops with wooden backboards features the engraving "Manos!" which translates to "Hands!" In their family, it means "Behave!" In the daughter's room, a custom wooden frame for a mirror showcases the engraving "Eres hermosa," which translates to "You are beautiful."

All of this was in addition to the main renovation the Marrses completed on the 1993 home. It encompassed a newly painted exterior, new front door, front lawn makeover, kitchen renovation, guest room, and the boys' room among other little updates. All in all, Philip will have a new-and-improved home when he returns home.

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