Jennifer Lopez: 'Constance Wu wasn't a diva when I was on set with her'

Jennifer Lopez: 'Constance Wu wasn't a diva when I was on set with her'

Jennifer Lopez has shot down reports suggesting co-star Constance Wu was a diva with a bad attitude on the set of their new heist movie Hustlers.

After fans blasted the Crazy Rich Asians star for appearing ungrateful in an emotional tweet when her TV comedy hit Fresh Off the Boat was picked up for a new season, rumours she was a handful on the set of J.Lo's new film spread, but the singer and actress insists Wu was all professional and a joy to work with.

"I have the most amazing relationship with Constance," Lopez tells USA Today. "She was a doll baby to me on the set and to everybody every time I was on the set.

"It was 29 days and I was there most days. I don’t know if there was somebody (talking to the media) who had a gripe or she had a bad day one day. Who knows? I know how this can go sometimes, and how really nice, good people can be portrayed as something other than what they are. That’s a fun headline for people but doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true. My experience with her was lovely. We became really great friends.

"People are allowed to get cranky sometimes. I’m not saying that was her. But everybody’s human. So I don’t know where that came from but it wasn’t my experience at all. I love her. And she’s great in the this movie, too."

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