Jennifer Lopez compares Hustlers to #MeToo movement

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez believes her new movie Hustlers parallels the effect the #MeToo movement is having on Hollywood right now.

The Love Don't Cost A Thing hitmaker stars in the upcoming movie as Ramona, a veteran stripper who sets up an initiative to scam wealthy men when the sex industry bottoms out during the financial crisis of the late 2000s.

And addressing the plot line, which is inspired by a New York Magazine article, the star claimed the idea of women fighting to have a voice reflects the current political climate.

"There are so many smart, talented women out there, in front of and behind the camera, and I think we're at a point where our voices are not stifled as much," she told Variety. "Because of the #MeToo movement, it's, 'We are equal, and we want to be treated that way.' We've been making our own opportunities, and as you prove your worth and value to people, they can't put you in a box. You hustle it into happening, right?"

The On The Floor singer, 50, went on to admit she was "terrified" to take on the role, which involved her baring flesh and performing provocatively to the camera, but insisted the experience made her respect women who live like her character even more.

"It's almost like when you say you're a rock star, you have to be arrogant to go up there in front of all those people or you crumble," Jennifer added. "You realise it's the same type of balls that it takes to do something like that. And these women have that. They are tough, hard, vulnerable and damaged."

Hustlers, which also stars Constance Wu, Lili Reinhart, Keke Palmer, Cardi B, and Lizzo, is set to hit cinemas next month.

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