Jennifer Garner swears by Body by Simone workouts

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner relies on dance exercises to keep herself in shape because they never feel like hard work.

The Juno star has been a client of Body by Simone founder Simone De La Rue for the past four years, and makes time in her busy schedule to hit the dance studio for regular classes in Los Angeles, or complete routines online.

But unlike other training regimens, Jennifer always looks forward to the fast-paced sessions, because they are so much fun.

"I am in the cult of Body by Simone," she told breakfast show Good Morning America. "I do it religiously: her classes, her app, she, herself (personal sessions), that's what I do.

"And it's really fun, because it makes time go by, and you get your cardio and your strength all done and you just have a great time."

The actress found the exercises to be the perfect fit for her, because she used to be a dancer during her youth.

"I grew up doing ballet," Jennifer smiled, "but you don't have to have been a ballet dancer to have a good time (with Body by Simone)!"

The mother-of-three, 46, has previously gushed about how much she appreciates Simone for helping her stay fit while having fun, particularly while she worked on upcoming action thriller, Peppermint.

"If you can find a workout that makes you smile, do it," she told her Instagram fans back in March (18). "Watching the sun come up or dancing midday, I couldn't do better on this #nationalworkoutbuddyday than you, @bodybysimone.

"Thank you for being a bright spot in the last four years, for your inclusive, loving energy, and for making me smile my way through #PEPPERMINTmovie. You are something else."

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