Jennifer Aniston tired of outdated comments about ageing and beauty

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston dislikes it when women are described as "looking good for their age".

The Morning Show actress takes great interest in protecting her health and skin, often sharing details of her daily regime in interviews.

But while Jennifer is known for her flawless complexion, in a chat for, she explained that she is tired of hearing outdated perceptions regarding beauty over and over again.

"Beauty at any age is beautiful. I think we're taking better care of ourselves these days," she told the publication. "We're learning more about our internal health, and that reflects itself on our outer health and beauty. I think the cliches of, 'Oh my God, you look great for your age,' is kind of an old paradigm that doesn't exist anymore."

Jennifer went on to note that she thinks women who want to let their hair go grey should be unafraid to do so. Yet, she is not ready to turn away from her signature brunette tresses with golden highlights just yet.

"I think it's personal choice. I don't think there's any taboo. I mean, I think if we create one (then there will be), because that's what people like to do-create a narrative and a headline - but I think if people want to go grey, look, go grey. It's just I don't want to," the 50-year-old commented.

Elsewhere, Jennifer named Aveeno moisturiser and sunscreen as her go-to skincare products, and noted that she also loves Dr. Hauschka's lip balm and Shu Uemura's hair masks. But her top rules for looking good revolve around water and sleep.

"Without sleep your body's not restoring its cells and getting rest. And if you're not hydrating, you shrivel up like an old prune. They're so important," she insisted.

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