Jennifer Aniston refreshes her short bob haircut with an angular 'Rachel' twist

The continual renaissance of Jennifer Aniston's hair in Friends is my Roman Empire. From the one that became the iconic 'Rachel' to the one where her locks sat perfectly in chest-length mermaid waves, we're forever referring back to every episode (of every season!) to recreate the actor's most gorgeous hair looks. But today, we need not refer back a couple dozen years because Jennifer has only gone and revived one of her signature hairstyles from the show, IRL. Take. Notes.

Late last week [Friday 12 April, 2024], Jennifer stepped out at the PaleyFest LA 2024 screening of The Morning Show with a refreshed interpretation of her recent bob haircut. Earlier this year, Jen debuted said bob at the Golden Globes and just short of four and a half months later, the star has maintained the shoulder-length style, but with a twist.

For her spring season hair refresh, Jennifer has had the ends of her tresses chopped into more of an angular shape.

jennifer aniston feathered rachel short bob haircut
David Livingston

The longer, ever-so-slight face-framing layers and subtle, shorter feathered ends are reminiscent of Jen's most dramatic look from season 7 of Friends.

jennifer aniston feathered rachel short bob haircut
David Livingston

However, if you don't have a photographic memory (read: you're not an obsessive Friends stan like me), see a reference snap of the hairstyle in question, below.

Uncanny, in my opinion. I mean, other than the now side-parting, she looks exactly the same! Aka, Jen An has not aged a single day and in all honesty, I'm extremely envious.

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