Jeannie Chan irked by man snapping inappropriate photo

9 Jan – After perplexing fans with her past comments on social media, Jeannie Chan recently explained the reason why she wrote the said post.

As reported on HK01, a few days ago, Jeannie published a rant on Instagram Story, writing, "You didn't admit that you took a photo of me when I wasn't wearing any clothes. Then you refused to delete it! You're not a woman so you don't understand. What's wrong with you? You should be ashamed of yourself."

When asked about the post during the promotional event of her new series, "Of Greed and Ants", Jeannie revealed that the post was her way of expressing her anger an incident that occurred earlier.

"I was filming a scene where I was only wearing a towel, and someone took a picture of me when I came out," she said.

The actress stated that they asked the man who took the photo nicely to delete the photo since it was inappropriate for him to have taken it in the first place, but he refused to do so.

"Only women will understand what I feel. I felt violated because it was taken without my permission. Fortunately, the man eventually deleted the photo," she said.

Asked if the man in question was a member of the crew, she said that he was not involved in production.

"I even watched as he deleted the photo, and thought about calling the police otherwise," she added.

(Photo Source: HK01)