Jeannie Chan goes back into training for "Flying Tiger 3"

13 Jul – Jeannie Chan recently admitted that she had to double down on her fitness routine to prepare herself for Shaw Brothers' "Flying Tiger 3".

As reported on Mingpao, the actress who appeared at the press conference announcing the upcoming series, stated that she had gained a lot of weight prior to filming.

"Because of the pandemic, I was stuck in Vancouver earlier this year. I ate and drank a lot and became fatter. So now I have to work hard to lose all these extra weight," she said.

Jeannie, who will be playing an SDU top leader in the said drama, added that she also has to do finger exercises now.

"I had a shooting practice recently and realised that my fingers were not strong enough to shoot a gun," she added.

As for Sisley Choi, who is also joining the franchise for the first time, the actress said that she had immediately started her drill as soon as she found out that she will have a role in the drama.

"I've been to the gym and controlling my diet now. My previous character in "Legal Mavericks 2" did not care about her looks, so now I have to get back in training," she said.

(Photo Source: Jeannie Chan Instagram)