Jeannie Chan filmed intimate scenes with Tony Hung while being ill

9 Jan – Filming intimate scenes are always awkward and inconvenient for actors. However, Jeannie Chan made it more challenging for Tony Hung in their new series, "Of Greed and Ants" due to the fact that she was ill at the time of the shoot.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress and her co-star shared the uncomfortable memory during the promotional event of the said drama recently, with Jeannie revealing that she was suffering from a stomach inflammation at the time.

"Not only that, I was having fever and nausea as well. Unfortunately, all of our intimate scenes were filmed during that period," she added.

Tony smiled and said that he would immediately take his medicine right after the scenes to ensure he would not get infected.

Jeannie also laughingly recalled that both of them would take their medicine before doing a bed scene, adding, "It was cold medicine, so it was very bitter. So we really had a bitter time."

On the other hand, when mentioned the fact that Tony seemed to be filming a lot of intimate scenes in his new dramas, the actor stated that he only did it when the plot required it.

Asked if his girlfriend Inez Leong had any issues with it, he responded, "No, it's just a drama. Otherwise, we should really review our relationship."

(Photo Source: Oriental Daily)