Jay Chou and JJ Lin spotted having bro-time at Sim Lim Square and Sentosa

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    Taiwan, specifically Taipei, IS A TIRED AND WORN-DOWN PLACE.

    The buildings are old, the colours following Japanese style of 'brown', 'gray' and 'dirty yellow', and the entire city is JUST FILLED WITH EATERY OUTLETS SELLING SIMILART FOOD.

    You can't find Mexican Buritos, Italian spaghetti, Spanish tapas, Indian pratas, Western dishes, easily. In fact, beside Western food, all other types are virtually non-existent.

    This is on top of the total absence of 'entertainment' - their ONLY form of entertainment probably IS THE ROWS OF SHOPS AND NIGHT MARKETS,

    Even their Sogo shopping 'mall' located at the Zhongxiao Fuxing, HAS ONE ESCALATOR. Our Junction 8 shopping centre beats it easily.
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    Sorry i don't know them.
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    He would need to bring a lot of coins with him if he is buying and gadgets from SLS. Just in case he can buy it with his coins.
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    Wah the malay guy in front of them at sim lim sq xian zek pua. Kena forced to walk faster and make way. Can't buy his electronics in peace.
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    Jeffrey L
    Lots of sour grapes here.
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    Steven Lim
    no handsome, no height, no shape, ... sigh, only 'can sing' write songs niah
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    Lol did he buy anything at sim lim square?
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    JJ Lin bring his Friend to Sim Lim Square for them to chop carrot head.
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    hope they dont turn pink
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    Sports Simulation Intelligence
    Spend more than time with your old parent will be better ....