Jay Chou denies selling a house in Tokyo

22 Aug – Taiwanese superstar Jay Chou has denied reports that he is selling his house in Tokyo.

As reported on UDN, the issue sparked after a netizen using the name Jason Wu posted online that he is helping the singer sell a house, adding that the buyer will get to meet Jay in person when it's time to sign the contract.

The post had since turned viral, with many fans questioning whether Jay's decision to sell his house was due to financial trouble.

In response, the singer shared the original post on Instagram Story, and wrote, "Liar. Do you want me to catch you and beat you up?"

Netizens had since been doing their own investigation, with some finding out that there was a property ad online claiming that they are helping to sell Jay's house - a mansion in Harajuku with a price tag of 2.68 billion yen.

Fans who saw the post and Jay's response couldn't help but find it amusing, with some commenting that the singer should start recording his new album instead of selling his house to make more money.

(Photo Source: Jay Chou Instagram)