Jason Derulo doesn't want recognisable wardrobe

Jason Derulo likes unique fashion pieces credit:Bang Showbiz
Jason Derulo likes unique fashion pieces credit:Bang Showbiz

Jason Derulo doesn't want to wear clothes that people "would recognise"

The 'Talk Dirty' hitmaker likes to buy "one-in-ones" and isn't interested in picking up pieces that anyone could buy in a regular store.

Discussing his fashion choices, he told WWD: "I’m not really wearing things that you would recognize. I can’t really have something on that somebody could say, ‘Oh, I went to this store and got that.’

"I have different designers make me things. Philipp Plein has made me specific things. I also wear a lot of boutique stuff that stylists have gotten in London, Paris and Los Angeles."

When it came to packing for his 'Nu King' tour, Jason takes "everything" with him.

He said: “As I look at seven suitcases next to me, we just bring everything. You’ve got to bring everything, because you don’t want to leave anything behind. I get stuff on-the-road as well.”

When he's on the road, the 34-year-old star has plenty of raw vegetables and fruit on his rider, as well as small trees and plants.

He said: “I’ve been trying to eat food that is alive and not just the meats."

Jason works hard to maintain his physique, partly due to human nature but also because he can be "slightly more extreme".

He said: “Even when I had the best body that I ever had, I still found things that made me think, ‘Damn, I need to work on this and this.’ It’s a bit of human nature, for sure, and I’m slightly more extreme than the average person.”