Japan's Coca-Cola Clear now available in Singapore

Photo: Coca-Cola

The latest product to emerge from the “clear drinks” trend from Japan has hit Singapore – the Coca-Cola Clear, first launched in Japan earlier this month, is now available in Singapore.

Currently the only major vendors that carry the transparent, calorie-free drink here, though, are a couple of online supermarkets – Fresh by honestbee and RedMart.

The transparent drink fad started in Singapore last year when Japanese company Suntory’s clear milk tea became available in supermarkets here.

Upon the first sip of Coca-Cola Clear, it was pretty apparent that the drink doesn’t have the usual caramel flavour present in other Coca-Cola drinks.

Its taste slightly resembles that of the Coca-Cola Zero, albeit with a light lemon flavour added to the drink. It was a fine move by the soft drink maker to do so in order to make up for the absence of caramel, as the drink would have probably tasted lacklustre otherwise.

It may not compare to the other Coca-Cola drinks, but the fact that it has zero calories is certainly a plus point.

The drink is decent, but it would certainly not be a drink that I will go out of my way to purchase.

Coca-Cola once introduced a clear drink called the Tab Clear following Pepsi’s Crystal Pepsi drink launch in the 1990s, although both these products were quite short-lived.

Apart from the Coca-Cola Clear, honestbee also brought in a clear latte drink from Japanese brand Asahi at the same time; however, the Clear Latte drink has sold out on the online store due to “overwhelming demand”, according to an honestbee spokesperson.

The drink claims to be calorie-light and fat-free. If you really want to try it, it can be purchased through e-commerce service Shopee.

Tasting rather sweet, there is nothing out of the ordinary with the latte drink, except for the fact that it is transparent.

With a discernible coffee taste, the drink is on par with other latte beverages in stores around Singapore.

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