Japanese Stationery Paradise! Top 10 Stationery Goods from Japan’s Best Lifestyle Brand MUJI

Teni Wada
Japanese Stationery Paradise! Top 10 Stationery Goods from Japan’s Best Lifestyle Brand MUJI

Stationery lovers know that Japan is the place for shopping for stationery, notebook, cards, and writing tools. But, did you know that MUJI, the global minimalist fashion and lifestyle brand, also has an amazing selection of notebooks, pens, pencils, markers, and more?

Stationery addicts will certainly enjoy browsing the aisles of any MUJI store in search of masking tape and writing supplies. Casual shoppers will find the selection of supplies for the office or home equally satisfying. Let’s take a look at the top 10 must-buy stationery items at MUJI.

Manual Paper Shredder, 990 yen

Shredders are essential for keeping personal information such as banking details secure. However, they are bulky, take up space, and require electricity. This handheld shredder from MUJI eliminates all those problems! Simply insert a sheet of paper and turn the handle to shred it instantly. Thanks to its slim and compact size, this shredder is also suitable for students and business travelers, too.

Accordion File, 550 yen

Need to keep of all your documents in one easy-to-reach location? Then you’ll definitely want to get one of these clear accordion file folders for yourself! Made from sturdy polypropylene, it expands into 13 compartments. Each compartment has a tab, which can be labeled for your convenience. It’s perfect for organizing school work, study materials, travel brochures, recipe cards.

Polypropylene Pen Case, 250 yen

Pen cases are a great way to organize your writing instruments, but what's the point of having a pen case if you can’t see what’s inside? This pen case from MUJI instantly solves that problem! Keep track of your erasers, highlighters, pens, and pencils at a glance thanks to its semi-transparent plastic shell.

Tape Dispenser, 690 yen

Despite its simple appearance, this tape dispenser is unbelievably heavy. Pick it up, you’ll surely be surprised. The weight, however, is actually a good thing! Unlike traditional tape dispensers, you can operate this tape dispenser with just one hand. If you love wrapping presents during the holiday season, this is one item you will definitely appreciate.

Manual Pencil Sharpener, Large 990 yen

Simple yet functional, this chic pencil sharpener is a practical accent piece for any desk or office space. The compartment that holds the pencil shavings is clear, so you'll always know when it’s full.

Aluminum Business Card Holder, 590 yen

In the business world, first impressions always count. Keep your business cards in pristine condition with this sleek card holder. It’s made from aluminum, making it very lightweight yet durable. This card holder holds up to 45 cards, so you can store your own business cards as well as those of your contacts.

Glasses Case, Small 150 yen / Large 190 yen,

Protect your eyewear from scratches or worse with this lightweight polypropylene case. This case is popular because its design allows for the case to be stored vertically. But, even if you don’t wear glasses, you can certainly use this case to stash candies in your purse or backpack!

Easy-Cut Scissors, 350 yen

There’s nothing worse than dull scissors. Eliminate frustration with a pair of reliable scissors that gets the job done every time. Measuring 15.5 cm in length, the design is totally MUJI and cuts with little effort.

Rubber Grip Mechanical Pencil, 80 yen

Perfect your penmanship with a mechanical pencil that fits nicely in your hand. The rubber grip prevents slippage as you write. These mechanical pencils are especially great for fine art drawing or drafting.

B5 Notebooks (Set of 5), 199 yen

Color-coordinate your class notes with this set of 5 notebooks. Each notebook contains 30 sheets made from afforrested trees. Environmentally friendly and reasonably priced at 199 yen per set, it’s no wonder these notebooks are a staple of MUJI’s stationery collection.

There’s certainly something for everyone on this list of top 10 must-buy stationery items at MUJI. While you’re exploring the sights of Japan in search of writing supplies for the office, home or school, a trip to MUJI is a must. Whether you’re preparing for a new academic school year, a new job, or simply need to buy a few pens and pencils, you’ll definitely be able to find it at MUJI!

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