Japanese Kid Asks If Santa Is Real, Gets A Heartwarming Answer

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Santa Claus is finally coming back to town… or is he?

While kids do get excited to receive their Christmas gifts from old Saint Nick, they may still get a little curious whether the big guy is real. Most parents might have already prepared themselves to answer the big question but it still gets tough when children are extra suspicious and is especially hard to keep them from searching online instead. 

But an answer from Yahoo! Japan Chiebukuro shows that maybe there is still a way to go around the topic as someone suggests that Santa isn’t just one magical being handling all these gifts by himself, but is instead accompanied by tons of people. 

Is Santa Real? 

is santa claus real
is santa claus real

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A Japanese elementary school student posted a question on Yahoo! Japan Chiebukuro years ago back in 2013 asking whether Santa is the real deal or not and Chiebukuro user tes gave the kid a thoughtful and heartwarming answer where he started by writing, “Santa exists. Technically speaking, he’s not the first-generation Santa, but yes, there is a Santa. However, recently he’s not as directly involved in the present process. He used to make and deliver all the toys himself, but the system is a little different now.”

He continued to explain that Santa doesn’t manufacture the gifts himself like gaming consoles and Pokémon plushies as he asks other companies to make them instead to produce batches for him to deliver for boys and girls. The user even went further into detail by saying that Santa also coordinates with delivery companies so that every kid gets to have their presents on time for Christmas. 

“So instead of one person named Santa handling everything himself, a lot of people work together, with each of them taking on a little part of the Santa role,” he wrote. “The people who make the toys think ‘I hope this toy will make someone happy,’ and so do the people who deliver it to your home and whoever puts it next to your pillow. They’re all hoping to give you a happy moment.”

A Thoughtful Answer That Kids Could Keep In Mind When They Grow Up

This kind yet closer to reality answer may be better than giving kids the idea that Santa is just one big man preparing all the gifts by himself. It could also help with growing kids who start having stages of doubt about Santa Claus. It also helps kids appreciate the true value and heart of gift-giving and that as we grow older, we come to realise that it’s not just Santa we should be grateful for during Christmas.

Many seemed to have appreciated user tes’s answer as it even went viral on social media including Twitter with over 157.6k likes. 

The explanation even wrapped up by saying that one day, when the child is older, it would be their turn to take on part of Santa’s role. 


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