Japanese company designs 'business pyjamas' for WFH video calls

Whatever Inc's "Work From Home Jammies".

Working from home can be a double-edged sword, granting more time at home yet making it stressful when there is no clear distinction between work and home. Going hand in hand with remote work is the fact that most business meetings are now done via video conference calls.

Japanese company, Whatever Inc, decided to come up with a business shirt-cum-sweater called “Work From Home Jammies”.

The idea stemmed from how troublesome it is to change clothes only when there is a video conference call. The result is a remote workers’ pyjamas which looks formal and legit on video, but comfy and relaxed outside the frame.

Jump from a video meeting straight into bed – no problem, with Whatever Inc's "Work From Home Jammies".

Designed by Akihiko Kimura, designer of the fashion brand LOKITHO, “Work From Home Jammies” lets you comfortably attend a video call either right after you wake up or before going to bed. Or any time at home, really.

This unisex pyjamas is available worldwide in three colour variations: white shirt with grey jersey, pink shirt with black jersey, and blue stripe shirt with dark grey jersey. The top only would set you back by about US$84 (S$120), while a matching set including top and pants costs around US$113.

You can order yours now through Kickstarter, where the project has already secured almost 400% of its target funding goal. That would be the end of fumbling around for work clothes when there is a sudden video conference call, right?