This Japanese artist creates intricate artworks using only rubber stamps

Japanese artist Natsuko Taguchi creates intricate artworks using carved rubber stamps. (Twitter: @naco_hinata)

If you have tried making rubber stamps, you would know it is a tedious process. From drawing to carving the rubber painstakingly, it is no easy feat. Yet, Japanese artist Natsuko Taguchi has gone past the level of making a one-layer stamp and produced this “Yukata and Morning Glory” masterpiece.

Perhaps enhanced by the colour gradation, it is simply intriguing to just watch the process. The masterpiece slowly came to life as she carefully placed the stamps in position and pressed them down, revealing the artwork little by little. Taguchi’s style is reminiscent of traditional Japanese woodblock print, Ukiyo-e.

Starting with the outline of a lady in a yukata, the artist proceeded to stamp the background with morning glory flowers, not forgetting intricate details like the vine, pinwheel and mosquito coil. Thereafter, she even went so far as to colour the lady’s face, hand and feet, followed by the prints and creases on the yukata! All in all, this amazing artist used a total of 36 stamps and 28 colours to create this ukiyo-e-like stamp.

Her masterpiece has since garnered 2.1 million views and 172,000 likes. It was even reported on the news on Japanese television:

Apparently, this is not her first time creating artworks like this. She has also made a colourful temari ball artwork using 17 stamps and 30 colours:

And this spring-filled sakura artwork with 15 stamps and 20 colours:

Just look at the beauty and the details in this mid-autumn-themed stamp!

One cannot help but be in awe at this artist. If you wish to see more of her works, check out her vibrant Instagram!