Japan Announces Plans to Open a Spa-Musement Park

Gina Mei

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From Cosmopolitan

Leave it to Japan to come up with a vacation spot that combines the thrills of an amusement park with the relaxing benefits of a spa.

According to Mashable, the mayor of Beppu - home to some of Japan's most famous hot springs - took to social media last week to share a quirky video of a hypothetical "spamusement park." Featuring bath tubs on carousels, roller coasters filled with spring water, and steamy trolly rides guaranteed to clear out every clogged pore, the video might at first appear to be all fun and games, but it's actually anything but. As explained towards the end of the clip, Mayor Yasuhiro Nagano would work to make the dreamy escape a reality if the YouTube video were to reach one million views.

And just four days after the video's release, it did.

As of Sunday, the video is nearing 1.9 million views - and Mayor Nagano seems to be just as excited to make the spamusement park a reality as its potential patrons. RocketNews24 reports that the mayor distributed a press release last week, affirming the video's success and thanking the public for their unprecedented support.

While he has not yet confirmed a potential opening date for the spamusement park of your dreams, the mayor says he is currently working on getting "input from a large number of people" to start drawing up plans. If the park is anywhere near the video he released, it's safe to say Beppu will be seeing a large spike in tourism very soon.

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