Your January 2022 Tarot Card Reading Based On Your Zodiac Sign by Tarot in Singapore

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Tarot Mamta from TarotinSingapore has her January tarot card readings ready for you this new year. The mystic pairing of sun signs and tarot cards will give you a sneak peek of what’s in store for you this month; let the intuition of the tarot cards draw you in and show you the way.

Your January 2022 Tarot Card Reading Based On Your Zodiac Sign by Tarot in Singapore
Your January 2022 Tarot Card Reading Based On Your Zodiac Sign by Tarot in Singapore

Capricorn Tarot Card of the Month - The Strength

As the sign that loves stability and security and being a homebody, you will find 2022 to be a bit exhausting. This year can also bring out your sensitive side, you will need to be mindful that you aren’t becoming an emotional fool. When it comes to your business or career, remember that you have to spend money to make money, see if your digital avatar is updated and work as hard as you need it. You are hard-working and patience is your strong suit, these traits will bring you a lot of joy and rewards in the New Year. You will make a few mistakes and you will not shy away from taking ownership for the same, kudos for the maturity dear Capricorn. 2022 will be a year for you to sow the seeds for the future, so do up your vision board for what you would like to attract into your life in the coming years.

Career: Are you dragging yourself to work and feeling miserable for yourself or feeling caged in your cubicle? The energy on the cards seem to indicate that you would be called out and your superiors and your teammates would sense your dissatisfaction. If you are looking for a career switch, the last quarter of the year will be more beneficial.

Love: Have the last couple of years left you feeling a tad bit unsatisfied or frustrated with love? You will need to decide what or who you want, your love angels would work overtime and make things work in your favour this year. Someone you might be secretly admiring might ask you out or your partner might want you to put a ring on it.

Your January 2022 Tarot Card Reading Based On Your Zodiac Sign by Tarot in Singapore
Your January 2022 Tarot Card Reading Based On Your Zodiac Sign by Tarot in Singapore

Aquarius Tarot Card of the Month - The Moon

Your dreams, visions, signs will feature predominately on your cards in 2022, dear Aquarius. Consider keeping a journal by your bedside to make note of any messages or sudden flashes of inspiration that might come to you in your sleep. You are naturally radiant and charismatic; add the energy of listening to your intuition, and you can literally become your own guide and mentor.

While you make resolutions for your career and love life, don’t forget your mental well-being. Definitely not a good year to pick fights or have challenging relationship talks, you may overpromise or say something that you might regret later. You would also tune into your spiritual side this year, if you want to pick up reading cards or get into some healing work, you are aligned and psychically open than usual, pay attention to your thoughts and feelings. This is also a great time to access the spiritual books - you'll get more out of them than usual.

Career: The energy on the cards promise you an increased cash flow, so it's a great time to make moves at work or ask for a raise. Stay calm, and particularly if you are feeling attacked, give your bosses the benefit of any doubt. You might voice your inner rebel or even cause a bit of a revolution at your workplace, as long as it helps your career and that of your teammates, your demands would be met. Again go with your gut and do remember to be patient with both yourself and the system.

Love: If you want your love life to be rewarding and last the long haul, you will need to tend to your relationship. Similar to a gardener, you will need to weed the grass and water your plants regularly. If you expect to enjoy a peaceful relationship, do remember that you get what you put in. If you want to marry, do consult someone you respect and someone whose opinion would matter to you. They might see the pitfalls in your relationship or might present a true picture of whether you are truly ready to tie the knot or not.

Your January 2022 Tarot Card Reading Based On Your Zodiac Sign by Tarot in Singapore
Your January 2022 Tarot Card Reading Based On Your Zodiac Sign by Tarot in Singapore

Pisces Tarot Card of the Month - The World

This 2022, there will be a lot of good opportunities presented to you over the course of the next 12 months. You need to work on identifying them and you will need to value each opportunity to see whether it truly does add to your spectrum of growth. You will need to separate the facts from fiction and see through illusions, if something like an investment scheme seems too good to be true then it probably is.

Through the course of the year, you will need to work hard to maintain your focus and clarity. You will receive good news for any kind of health worries or concerns you might have been facing, you will enjoy relief from an ailment haunting you for a long time, and you may feel more relaxed. In all aspects of your life, whether your love life or your net worth, things are looking good for you.

Career: At work, your stars are asking you to develop a skill set that would be irreplaceable or give you an advantage over your peers. You are reliable and loyal but you also need to bring your A-game. You are still as desirable for your ideas and problem-solving skills but you need to turn on your charm and wit. Make a list of the things you want to achieve with your career, 2022 will make sure that you get them all.

Love: 2022 will make you take a call and force you to see things for the way they are. Trust your stars and if you feel you are clinging onto a relationship, set yourself free and get in touch with all of those emotions that you've been tucked away or compartmentalizing. Maybe talk to a therapist together or individually to make sure that you nail these talks. You both deserve happiness and peace whether it's breaking the partnership or working through it.

If single, this year would have you crushing hard on a work colleague, you might also meet someone via online dating sites. Make sure you weed through fake accounts and don’t give out too much personal information like credit card details.

Your January 2022 Tarot Card Reading Based On Your Zodiac Sign by Tarot in Singapore
Your January 2022 Tarot Card Reading Based On Your Zodiac Sign by Tarot in Singapore

Aries Tarot Card of the Month - The Star

Start the year with a gratitude diary, you have indeed come a very long way and you need to be your cheerleader this new year. Take a deep breath in, let it out, and sink into all the blessings that you have in your life. What are you most thankful for right now, in this moment?

Expressing your intention will only make you attract a lot more abundance into your life. Focus on cutting the toxicity from your life and let your aura be lit with positivity. Your charm and wit would be irresistible to your family, friends and strangers.

Career: This year, the stakes will be high for your career and your work life, make sure that you sharpen your negotiation skills and do your best to attract new projects. If you are looking to change your job, the second half of the year will be more favourable. 2022 will be potent for manifestation (or when we get what you want). Pay attention to the grapevine around you and keep your eyes and ears open for job openings or to click lucrative deals.

Love: It’s almost like you are Venus’s favourite child for 2022. if single, you will feel a lot of sparks flying in all directions. If attached you will bring back the kind of passion that you experienced when you first met, especially between the sheets. Use this energy to build a lasting and fulfilling bond with your significant other, you might not get opportunities like this very often.

Your January 2022 Tarot Card Reading Based On Your Zodiac Sign by Tarot in Singapore
Your January 2022 Tarot Card Reading Based On Your Zodiac Sign by Tarot in Singapore

Taurus Tarot Card of the Month - The Chariot

Have the last two years proved to be a doozy and felt like Groundhog Day? It’s understandable that you might feel a bit weary and hopeless after the havoc the pandemic might have bought in its wake. Though you would not be able to suppress the pessimist in you, try to look at the brighter things or see the silver lining in all situations. On the financial front, you are likely to be in good shape for 2022 and things are bound to get a whole lot better. You will attribute your good fortune to a lot of hard work and careful planning and not rely on pure luck to make things happen for you. Have faith in yourself and keep trying, you will stand a greater chance of succeeding in the third quarter of the year.

Career: Time management will be an asset and an important skill set to have in your work kitty. Scheduling and organising your meetings and presentations would be very helpful. You may need to consider asking for more responsibility at work or a promotion. If you're thinking about leaving your current position, the energy on the cards tell you that leaving is likely to be a very good thing.

Love: It’s time to put on your big boy pants and grow up, as you will be expected to take your relationship to the next level be it getting married, having a baby or buying a house. Adulting is going to hit you pretty hard whether you are prepared for it or not.

If single and looking for love, this is your sign that you would be meeting someone wonderful, either through your work or theirs. So, the cue would be to be friendly and get out and mingle.

Your January 2022 Tarot Card Reading Based On Your Zodiac Sign by Tarot in Singapore
Your January 2022 Tarot Card Reading Based On Your Zodiac Sign by Tarot in Singapore

Gemini Tarot Card of the Month - The Hermit

Dear Gemini, 2022 has all the stops to make this year a memorable one and one filled with a lot of potentials. You will need to trust your intuition and your inner voice to do the right thing, you might land a very lucrative investment tip or an opportunity to invest in a blue-chip company. Your family and friends might look to you for advice or want you to be their sounding board this year; be prepared to play along or set firm boundaries at the earliest. As you grow older and wiser, resist the urge to rush in with unsolicited advice. When it comes to your health you will need to be more consistent and get into a ritual of sorts, find a new regime or sport that would interest you.

Career: This year will prove to be one of the best years for your career, especially if you are self-employed or an entrepreneur. You will be moving up in your chosen field and there is literally no stopping you now, just remember to dress sharp and polish your pitch. Your networking skills and opportunities will be on an upswing this year, make the most of the auspicious planet line up and achieve the success that you have dreamt of.

Love: Giving your partner your undivided attention and really listening to them will be the most valuable gift that you can give your relationship this year. It would cost you close to nothing and yet be the most meaningful and heartfelt gift that you could give your partner. Try not to believe rumours, the stars can bring a lot of unwanted drama. But if you focus on each other and work to build something long-lasting, you will learn to cherish the partnership.

Your January 2022 Tarot Card Reading Based On Your Zodiac Sign by Tarot in Singapore
Your January 2022 Tarot Card Reading Based On Your Zodiac Sign by Tarot in Singapore

Cancer Tarot Card of the Month - The Justice

Beauty, grace and celebrations, that’s the energy that would sum up 2022 for you in a nutshell, dear Cancer. This year will be the year to go big; you will have the cosmic push and the support of your planets to power through and make it a spectacularly splendid year. You will be able to will over friends and foe with your confidence and your personality.

You will, however, need to be mindful of your health this year. You might get into freak accidents or have minor bruises or cuts, avoid buying new cars during the first half of 2022. Keep to your hustle and you will successfully avoid a few bumps along the road. Your vibe will definitely feel more empathetic this new year and you would be called upon to help family and friends. Do so but also be mindful to have boundaries and to be more protective of your space and your own energy, don’t exhaust yourself trying to help everyone around you.

Career: This year will bring new professional opportunities or a chance of career change almost out of the blue for you. You will need to be ready to step into a leadership position or to establish yourself as an expert in your industry. You will need to watch out for colleagues or bosses who might try to take advantage or even rob your share of the limelight if you have a gut feeling that you can’t trust someone best to go with your instincts.

Love: The effects of Venus on your love life would prove to be troublesome this year. An ex from the past, an affair gone bad, or you might land up being the third wheel. You might have to consider very carefully what you want to attract in your life. If your head says that you want nothing more than a romantic relationship; look at your behaviour. It might be ideal to put matters of the heart on the back burner this year.

Your January 2022 Tarot Card Reading Based On Your Zodiac Sign by Tarot in Singapore
Your January 2022 Tarot Card Reading Based On Your Zodiac Sign by Tarot in Singapore

Leo Tarot Card of the Month - The Wheel of Fortune

Dear Leo, embrace yourself for a year that would bring you both swift and unexpected endings and beginnings. Given a choice, none of us would want to rip off the bandaid and we all would continue to look for excuses to stall or delay changes as we are wired to not give up our comfort zone. The planets are aligned for you in a way that things or people who do not serve you will be cut off or taken away from you, you will have to trust the universe or your higher self to let this happen and to have the grace to simply surrender.

You are being pushed to become the best version of yourself, though it might be painful at first, it would be worth it. Remember that whatever might have happened in the past is over now and there's nothing much you can do to change it. If necessary, forgive yourself and quit being your own worst critic. So, double up on the self-care and self-love as you get ready to welcome the new year full of bounty and blessings for you.

Career: This year you will need to be wary of being overtly competitive or aggressive with your career this year. After all, you are one zodiac sign that really knows what you want and how to get it too. You might not think too much about burning your bridges but you will definitely stand to regret it later on.

Love: You will enjoy an intense, passionate and loyal partnership with your significant other this year of the Tiger. Make sure feelings of jealousy or insecurity sabotage a good relationship that seems to be working for you. Your magnetism and attractive aura might make you irresistible to the opposite sex but might also spell trouble. No matter how tempting a one night stand or a breezy affair might sound to you, you will need to work on long-term happiness.

Your January 2022 Tarot Card Reading Based On Your Zodiac Sign by Tarot in Singapore
Your January 2022 Tarot Card Reading Based On Your Zodiac Sign by Tarot in Singapore

Virgo Tarot Card of the Month - The Judgement

In 2022, get ready to run and not just walk towards your dreams and aspirations. You might be having the perfect idea to kick start your dream venture but you do need to confront the fine line between fantasy and reality. Collective, we have all been through a lot and the pandemic has sure added to the stress and mess that we have experienced in one form or another. Though we are still finding our way and trying to navigate and make sense of the situation, the energy from your tarot card urges you to stay authentic to your values and your belief system.

As you chase your dreams, you might be tempted to cut a few corners or to turn a blind eye to details here and there but make sure you aren’t compromising on your conscience too much. When it comes to finances, fix up a plan that would be practical for you to follow through and remember that consistency is crucial.

Career: You will find yourself being placed at the right place and the right time when it comes to enhancing your career, you will be making a lot of power moves and you will be supported in your grand vision but both your colleagues and your seniors. You will have to keep your temper in check and may have to suffer a few fools, you deserve to give yourself a break and pat yourself on the back for the good work so far.

Love: This is the energy of a lot of endings and also new beginnings when it comes to your love life this New Year. It might be a little more difficult to navigate your love life this 2022, you will have to put in extra effort to not get into any toxic relationships. If you have been lazy or felt extremely demotivated in your pursuit of love, you will have to be honest with yourself and your partner. You might need a trusted ally’s help in figuring out which partnership would flourish or which one would be an absolute waste of time.

Your January 2022 Tarot Card Reading Based On Your Zodiac Sign by Tarot in Singapore
Your January 2022 Tarot Card Reading Based On Your Zodiac Sign by Tarot in Singapore

Libra Tarot Card of the Month - The Magician

Watch out world, Librans are on a roar and 2022 will prove to be your year more than any other zodiac sign. You will be called upon to expand your network, inner circle and the scope of things that you are doing, make sure you are feeling up to the task. With all this new and potent energy at your disposal, make an ambitious to-do list along with timelines to accomplish your goals.

As you ride high on the success you will need to take care to not hurt people by rubbing your celebration in their faces, no matter how tempted you might be to do so. Surround yourself with people who inspire you and help you strive for better, look out for a mentor or two who can help make the leap for greater things. Your earnings may be stable and consistent and when it comes to wealth growth and accumulation look into getting property overseas.

Career: New job offers, promotions, equity shares or profit sharing, all seem to be up for grabs this year for you. If only you can speed up your decision-making skills and not sit on the fence every time you are faced with options, it will prove very beneficial for you in 2022. Miscommunications or mishaps with work emails or WhatsApp messages will be common this year and you will need to take check things twice and not be triggered easily with rescheduling.

Love: Let your love life flourish by going on a digital detox this year; get off the grid, delete or freeze all your dating profiles and get down to meeting people the old fashion way. Go on blind dates without digging up their social media profiles.

If you are already committed, plan some thoughtful dates with your partner. If married, the year can be a bit testing, if you are dealing with internal conflicts, talking about it in a constructive manner will be better than avoiding the issue.

Your January 2022 Tarot Card Reading Based On Your Zodiac Sign by Tarot in Singapore
Your January 2022 Tarot Card Reading Based On Your Zodiac Sign by Tarot in Singapore

Scorpio Tarot Card of the Month - The Sun

As one of the most hardworking and intense zodiac signs, you would be eagerly waiting to welcome 2022 with open arms. A word of caution on the cards seems to be on your spending habit, you may spend recklessly on useless things. You might also become a bit addicted to online shopping and be taken in by all the sales gimmicks that are offered. Spend a little time at the beginning of the year to plan your finances and you will reap the benefits for the entire year.

The year also brings you the opportunity to end and all self-sabotaging behaviour and it will boost your confidence. People around you will feel like you have put a spell on them and they would be ready to follow you at the end of the world. You will need to use this mesmerising power in a responsible manner and don’t take any undue advantage.

Career: Are you looking to change for the sake of changing or will it add to your career and actually benefit you in the long run? Your current workplace might just be the right one for you, before you go around making a shift, consider all your pros and cons and weigh to see if you will truly benefit.

Love: Love will find a way into your life to enrich you and to soothe your aching heart. If you have been nursing a broken heart, rest assured that cupid will have his naughty ways to attract the right one into your path. Inspire of all the planets helping you, you will still need to put in the work to make relationships happen. If single, you might feel a bit vulnerable, it would be advisable to check if it is love or just an infatuation before you express your feelings.

Your January 2022 Tarot Card Reading Based On Your Zodiac Sign by Tarot in Singapore
Your January 2022 Tarot Card Reading Based On Your Zodiac Sign by Tarot in Singapore

Sagittarius Tarot Card of the Month - The Empress

Passion and purpose, this year will bring you the opportunity to live from your heart space. What makes you truly happy and fulfilled, you will be forced to ask yourself this question, just be sure, be honest and candid. A word for the wise on the cards for you will be to talk less and listen more. The path that you might take might feel unfamiliar and can be anxiety-producing as new beginnings can sometimes be, trust deep inside that the universe has your back and it is surely getting you where you want to go. This year you might also end up spending an unusual amount on the renovation of your house. Furthermore, there may be some expenses on repairs of your car or bike. Pick up some calming exercises like walking barefoot on the beach or even sitting in nature, this will help you keep your emotions in check.

Career: Throw a lavish party at work to welcome the new year and to share your luck and good fortune with one and all, abundance will definitely grow when shared. You would be amazed at how much you can get done if you don’t care who gets the credit or the limelight. Don’t fret, dear Archers you will ultimately get the credit for anything that you bring to the table. The only thing is that the credit might not be instantaneous.

Love: If you are in a long term relationship or marriage, don’t make the mistake of thinking that security and calmness are boring. Don’t let a good partnership slip fade away or blow up just because you feel the relationship lacks lustre. Everyone needs love and as single archers, you will get a lot of gazes and invitations thrown your way. If you are hung up on an ex or obsessed with that Tinder hook up, know that you can definitely do much better. All that you need to do is put yourself out there and love will find you.

For personalised Tarot Card Readings or Tarot Card Lessons, WhatsApp Tarot Mamta at (+65) 9749 9287.

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