Janna Nick apologises for her lip sync at AIM23

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13 Sep – Janna Nick recently apologised for having to resort to a lip sync when she performed at the Music Industry Awards (AIM23) recently.

The actress, who performed her hit song, "Gatal" at the prestigious event held in Shah Alam on 11 September, stated that she made a mistake of not taking good care of her health prior to the performance.

"I was happy when I was offered to perform, but that was before I contracted influenza two weeks ago. Despite my condition, I went on to shoot my drama, "Melastik Ke Hatimu 2", as well as completed my work in Jakarta and then attended some events in Singapore," she said, in a post on Instagram.

Janna said she did so against the advice of her doctor.

"The choices I made became my downfall. Thank you to the management of Warner Music for working together with me to restore my voice," she added.

Janna also shared a video of her performing in Singapore and the practice sessions and rehearsals she had prior to the event, that proves that she had tried to perform live.

It is noted that Janna was rushed to a medical centre in Jakarta last week after experiencing health issues, though the actress made no mention as to her illness.

In another post, Janna promised to do better next time.

Janna performed at the AIM23
Janna performed at the AIM23

(Photo Source: Janna Nick Instagram)