Janine Gutierrez to pair with Paulo Avelino in new movie

Heidi Hsia

6 Nov – Janine Gutierrez is set to pair up with Paulo Avelino for the first time in a new movie.

As reported on Push, the news was shared by T-Rex Entertainment on 5 November via a look test of the two actors shared on its official Instagram account.

It was captioned, "And so it begins! ["If We Don't Make It"] look test with [Janine Gutierrez] and [Paulo Avelino]. Coming soon!"

In another photo of Gutierrez, the studio revealed the name of the actress' character in the movie, writing, "What does the future hold for AM? Don't miss [Janine Gutierrez] in ["If We Don't Make It"]. Coming soon!"

The upcoming film, to be directed by Prime Cruz, will revolve around the love story of two people who are "more than friends but less than lovers".

No information has been released about its tentative release date.

(Photo Source: T-Rex Entertainment)