Janine Chang says no truth to cheating rumours

21 Sep – Actress Janine Chang has recently dismissed rumours saying that rumoured boyfriend Zero Lin has cheated on her with another woman.

As reported on Sohu, the actress, who has never actually confirmed romance with the said director, stated that she is "in awe" at how imaginative the netizens are about her love life.

"They have been helping me determine the love interests in my life three times now. Haven't everyone had enough? It's particularly embarrassing that my friends are being implicated as well," she said.

Stressing that the two of them are just friends, Janine said that all the other men rumoured to be in a relationship with her in the past were also her friends.

"I really need to say sorry to them," she said.

She also posted a funny photo of her copying Zhou Xun's pose in a poster of "Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace" on social media, saying, "What's fake is fake".

(Photo Source: Janine Chang Weibo)