Janine Chang doesn't worry about being single

Heidi Hsia

6 Jul – At 36 going on 37, Janine Chang is not one to worry too much about her love life, having focused her life mainly on being successful in her career.

As reported on ET Today, the Taiwanese actress, who sat down for an interview recently, shared that she was not concerned at all by the fact that most of her friends, including actress Ivy Chen, are now married and having kids.

"When it comes to love life, I leave it all to fate. When I fall in love, I go all the way. It's all out, or nothing at all," she said.

Janine added that she is just a simple person who wants to be with a good man rather than getting involved in a high-profile romance.

At the same time, the actress also revealed that a lot of her friends have expressed a bit of regret getting married too early.

"They think that their lives seemed to revolve around their husbands and children, and they had to give up their own dreams. All I can say is you should not be afraid of the societal pressure to get married and have children. We should try and be a bit selfish and see the world before making such a decision," she said.

(Photo Source: NOWnews)