Janie The Bakery launches new Toast Bar with homemade kaya sourdough bread at Katong

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Located in an unassuming building boldly painted in bright yellow and blue, Janie The Bakery lies on the second floor of Katong Shopping Centre. Initially only selling handmade bread and other bakes, the brand has expanded to include a Toast Bar within their small space. 

janie the bakery - front

Ensuring only quality ingredients are used in their products, the bakers in charge believe that the best bakes are created with rigour and traditional baking techniques. 

To ensure the best quality of goods, the bakery only churns out fresh bakes twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays. That being said, I can already visualise how much effort is being put towards the items sold by the bakery! 

While whole sourdoughs in various flavours may be pre-ordered, let us not lose focus on the topic for today — the Toast Bar. 

Their Homemade Kaya and Butter (S$7) caught my attention first. Simply presented with a single slice of their homemade sourdough, a thick layer of their coconut jam (once again, homemade) is slathered across the toast and topped with 2 small cubes of cold butter. 

janie the bakery - kaya

The Singaporean gene in me is just jumping with eagerness to try this boujee local delight. 

Those feeling adventurous may be intrigued by their Sourdough with Fermented Beancurd (S$4) or Anchovies and EVOO (S$6) combinations. 

janie the bakery - tofu

A shout out to the unique drink selection as well. Classic Chinese tea options such as the hot Raw Pu-erh Tea (S$2) are available daily. Personally, I would give those on rotation a chance — the Homemade Barley & Pandan Tea (S$1.50) definitely appeals more to me. 

Joining the likes of other small bakeries with similar toast bar concepts, I wholeheartedly welcome Janie The Bakery to the baking scene in Singapore. 

Baking is a time-consuming process which I for one, will probably never be able to achieve. Luckily for me, Janie The Bakery offers high quality products in an honest business setting. Now I just can’t wait to get my hands on those kaya sourdough toasts! 

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