Janice Yan wants to record a Cantonese album

12 Jan – After winning the Bronze Prize for Best Popular Mandarin Song at the RTHK Top Ten Chinese Gold Song Awards, Taiwan-based singer Janice Yan said that she would be happy to release a Cantonese album in the future.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer, whose first full album, "I Have Myself" was positively received by her fans, shared that it has always been a dream of her to launch more Cantonese songs in the future.

"Although my record label is a Taiwanese company, they all support my Cantonese songs, because a good song will always be a good song regardless of the language," she said.

Janice also admitted that she didn't expect to win an award in Hong Kong, especially since it was her first full album.

"I am thankful to RTHK for the recognition," said the singer in her post on social media.

As for now, Janice said she plans to take a break on go on a holiday, since she had no rest at all last year while promoting the album.

(Photo Source: Janice Yan Instagram)