Janice Man surprised to win award at a kungfu film festival

24 Dec – Following her Most Outstanding Actress win for her role in "The Brink" at the 2019 China (Foshan) Great Bay Area Kungfu Film Festival, Janice Man admitted that she never thought that she would win an accolade for a role in an action movie.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who appeared at the said festival recently, stated that winning the award was very satisfying, as she worked very hard for her action scenes in the movie despite having no background in martial arts.

When asked if she would like to do more action movies in the future, the model-turned-actress said that she has always loved the genre.

"I hope to be offered a lot of different kind of roles in the future, like maybe an agent or an assassin. I don't mind the hard work," she added.

Janice also revealed that she is currently preparing for another action movie, "The Medal of the Dawn", to be directed by Sammo Hung.

(Photo Source: Mini Eastday)