Jang Hyuk and Park Seyoung Casted for ‘Money Flower’, Broadcasts in November

[by Ent Team] The main cast for ‘Money Flower’ has been chosen.

MBC’s new special weekend project ‘Money Flower (Script: Lee Myung Hee, Director: Kim Hee Won)’ has been arranged to take the time slot after ‘Bad Thief, Good Thief’.

‘Money Flower’ is a work that tells the story of people who are under the illusion of money giving power but are actually taken over by money. The script was written by writer Lee Myung Hee that wrote ‘Air City’ and ‘Jang Youngsil’ while the director is the one who did works such as ‘Fated to Love You’, ‘Glamorous Temptation’, and ‘Golden Pouch’, Kim Hee Won, thus there is high anticipation towards their collaboration.

Jang Hyuk was casted as the male lead Kang Pil Joo and Park Se Young was casted as the female lead Na Mo Hyun.

Jang Hyuk acts as Kang Pil Joo who grew up in an orphanage but is now the managing director of a legal team at Chunga Group. He becomes an irreplaceable person in the corporation due to his intelligence and exemplary job performance but is called ‘Chunga’s dog’ and is going through an unwelcome time and jealousy from others.

Park Se Young plays the role of Na Mo Hyun who is an environmental activist and middle school science teacher. She is a good listener, laughs a lot and is a free spirit that dreams of fate-driven love.

A representative relayed, “Jang Hyuk and Park Se Young were full of fervor for this work and we look forward to the upcoming filming. The lead’s luxury acting and anticipation will be good. We ask for a lot of interest and anticipation.”

Meanwhile, MBC special weekend project ‘Money Flower’ will follow ‘Bad Thief, Good Thief’ and have its first broadcast in November. (photo by MBC)

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