Jane Zhang wants mum, hubby to reconcile on their own

10 Nov – Chinese singer Jane Zhang recently admitted that the relationship between her husband Feng Ke and her mother is still estranged, and that she has decided not to fix the issue for them, Phoenix reported.

As many would recall, back in 2016 amid Jane's wedding plans with Feng, who is also the CEO of her management company, Show City Times, the singer's mother suddenly decided to make known her real feelings about Feng and questioning his intentions in marrying Jane.

Although they seemed to reconcile soon after, Mrs. Zhang made the news again when she said that she didn't receive an invitation to her daughter's wedding in Italy and decided not to attend upon being invited.

She also refused to communicate with the couple when they decided to hold another banquet in Chengdu, thus the wedding itself was cancelled.

When asked about it on a talk show recently, Jane said that there isn't much animosity between Feng and her mother nowadays, although they are still not as close as she hope they would be.

"I know that my mother is just worried about me and protective of me," she said.

Nonetheless, Jane said that she has decided not to help improve the relationship between her husband and her mother.

"If it was up to me, I can do it myself. But I also hope that they can do it themselves if they really love me," she added.

(Photo source: Ent.QQ)