Jane Zhang releases theme song for "Naga Pearls"

17 Jul - Jane Zhang has recently released her new song, "Please Let Love Believe in You" (translated title).

As reported on Epoch Times, the singer, who appeared at the launch in Beijing recently, shared that she is excited about recording and performing the song, which is also the theme song for the upcoming movie, "Legend of the Naga Pearls".

This is the second time the singer is performing a song for a movie. Jane shared that it has been eight years since she performed the song "Painted Heart" for the hit movie, "Painted Skin".

She is also excited to be working with lyricist Keith Chan and film score composer Ikuro Fujiwara again for the new song, who she previously worked with for "Painted Heart".

When asked if the new song will become a classic like their previous song, Jane said that the two songs are written for two different movies and have differing emotions, which is why the two can't be compared.

(Photo source: sohu.com)